Josh Arcona is heading to Regionals

Josh Arcona competes in the 12 Labours in-house team competition with members.

Josh Arcona competes in the 12 Labours in-house team competition with members.

Every year since 2012 the CrossFit BWI/CrossFit Syndicate/12 Labours community has sent individuals or teams to the CrossFit Games Regional competition. Every year since 2014, the story has been about the team as we follow their journey through the Regional competition and to the CrossFit Games.

This year we have switched the focus from group to individual, and couldn’t be happier to support 2016 and 2017 12 Labours team member, Josh Arcona, as he battles with some of the best in the Atlantic Region this June. Josh is a coach at 12 Labours Annapolis and has had quite an interesting journey from Pennsylvania to Maryland where he has resided the past three years. It is one that started with aspirations to compete at the Games but was quickly re-routed as he discovered his love for helping others along on their fitness journey just as much, if not more, than he enjoyed his. We chatted with Josh a little more about his experience with 12 Labours and how he feels about this year's Regional competition.

You moved to Maryland in 2015 and have been here ever since- what are some of the highlights?

In 2015 I moved down to Maryland and was greeted by the 12 Labours community. It has been an incredible experience coaching and representing the community at the CrossFit Games for the last 2 years. We genuinely could not have competed as hard as we did without the support of everyone here.

My all-time favorite CrossFit memory is the sled push event at the 2016 Games with our cheering section right in front of us! If you were there you know... if not you have to find the video! (here’s the video)

After the 2017 season, the 12 Labours team shifted their focus from team competition. But as any athlete knows, there isn’t necessarily an off switch to pushing yourself. And with that, you were able to qualify for Regionals individually! How has your training ramped up recently?

My volume of training has definitely increased and I’ll have two sessions daily. The first session typically consists of conditioning like rowing intervals. After a short break and some coaching hours, I head back for my second session. This training is a little longer and typically consists of lifting and a handful of MetCons. I’m definitely looking forward to testing my fitness alongside some of the studs in the Atlantic Region!

What motivates you? And how have you applied that to your fitness or your life?

While I realize that all of this sounds like a lot and that Crossfit is a physical sport I think the biggest contributor to my success is something that everyone can start to employ in their training: not being afraid to fail.

An example of that is this: If you think you can only do three pull-ups, and stick to that limiter without testing any further, then you will only ever do three pull-ups at a time (unless one of your coaches pushes you a little further). But if you decide to risk failing and go for four, then you’ve pushed yourself and might actually learn that you can do even more than that.

Having a confidence in yourself and an adventurous attitude towards your workouts will take you extremely far in workouts and in life. Don't settle for average and don't be afraid to fail! I watch people do this every single day in our gyms and I take this into my training to use as my motivation.

We’re inspired by the work that Josh has put in so far and are looking forward to supporting him as he heads to Florida June 1-3 for the CrossFit Games Regional competition.

We are also releasing a special edition “Jarcona” shirt to offset some of Josh’s travel costs for the weekend. Plus, we love any excuse to have a new 12L tee. Pre-order for the tee is live now and will run through Friday, May 18th.

*This shirt purchase is no longer available. Check with your coaches if there are any t's left over from the sale*