Building Your Legacy

Over the years there has been numerous changes at the Affiliate level, and some of you may have been around for all of them, or you are new to the game and don’t know what I am talking about. No matter where you are at on that timeline, I think understanding this history is important, and it helps gain a level of clarity on where we’re going in the future. 

Growth and change are natural things, regardless if they are personal/business/emotional etc. Accepting those changes as part of the process and embracing them as movement is a tough thing. A lot of times we try to brush the past underneath the rug and try to hide what was, instead of being proud of the past and where we have come since that point. 


Embracing the now or what is to come doesn’t mean you have to hate on or forget the past. 

We’ve went through a lot of changes over the years, whether it was names, logos, locations, coaches, etc. We used to be three separate CrossFit gyms with different names, then brought them all into one, and now two, and they all have their history.


When CrossFit Syndicate opened in 2012 we had 5 barbells, a used Pullup Rig from Fort Meade that was a gift, a couple wall balls and some kettlebells. We had 17 clients and ran a 6am class on Tuesday and a 5pm class everyday. 


Money was obviously tight, I am not sure you could really call it a business yet, but it lit a spark. It was WAAAAY easier to interact with each and every person constantly, but it wasn’t going to be able to stay that way for long. Do I miss some of those things? Of course and I enjoyed the hell out of those times, but again it was a step in the process. 

My point is this, change is natural and theres three ways to react to it. The first two in my opinion are not a great way of handling it. Which are either trying to hide the past or the opposite of living back there and not moving forward. 

The third way of reacting to change, and the whole reason for this campaign is to embrace the past. Respect where you came from, pay homage to those parts of the journey, which are all steps in building your legacy. With that, our next line of shirts are doing just that…a little blast from the past to pay homage to our roots as CrossFit Affiliates. This is where we started and we embrace that time period as we continue to move forward into the future. 


So this shirt goes out to anyone in the entire lineage of the Syndicate/Annapolis/12 Labours CrossFit time periods!

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