Tech. Talk: Clean and Jerk Progressions

clean and jerk

We've got some exciting things coming your way for the 12L group class programming. If you've been around for the past few months, you know we've been working a lot on snatch technique. 

Now it is time to switch to clean and jerks. The most important thing here is to understand that when we are working such an intricate movement, even if the program calls for "build" or increasing weight, the goal is NOT to max out the lift, it is to build within a completable range. This way, you can keep technique solid, without misses.

If we do that over this 6-week cycle we will be in a better place.

Within the clean and jerk there are obviously a lot of elements on which to focus. That being said, every class may be a little different. Each coach will discern what is best for the class to highlight for your session. So if you have specific issues or questions, make sure to discuss with our 12L coaches and we will make sure you get the help you need.

The first three weeks of our focus will be all Push Jerk variations. Once we get a solid understanding of this, then the more technical work with the split jerk comes in. This will be our focus for the last three weeks. 

THEN the fun stuff: putting all of the work together. Look forward for an Olympic lift total in the next few months! 

ProgrammingRebecca Koch