Fitness: Exploring the Unknown


Since the beginning of time people have wondered about the world. Philosophers all agreed that the world was round but explorers had the innate curiosity to want more. So they set out on a journey to fulfill those questions.

Many of the first maps and globes hold the phrase “HIC SVNT LEONES” (hic sunt leones) literally translating to “here be lions.” The phrase was a classic among ancient Roman and Medieval cartographers denoting unknown territories.

Unknown. Unknowable.

(see: CrossFit)

Our goal at 12 Labours is to prepare you for the tasks ahead. Stepping into the gym, into work, or wherever you choose to explore, is a commitment to conquer unchartered territory. Each day will be different. At times you will want to retreat back into a world that used to be. Other days will bring fruitful rewards from your persistent work. With all great explorations comes the courage to start and the confidence to continue. In a sense, we are all explorers- forging our paths to something greater.

Those who refuse to accept the world as it is, and to commit to an ever-evolving journey, are the ones who will reach new heights in training and in life. On maps the lions represent a frightful unknown. But for many tackling the unknown in the gym, the lion represents relentless strength; we hope you see the latter as well.

Whether CrossFit brings you a fulfillment of athletic pursuits, business ventures, or a mix of both, our hope is to never heed to the lion, but to honor it. Honor the power that you have to make positive changes, and to progress in positive directions. Conquer each step of the journey, no matter the size of the challenge, or time it may take.

To explore is to accept that there is always more to be found; within the world and within yourself.

We’ll be posting our thoughts on fitness and all steps included in this process. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do.