From classes to coach and back

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One of our very first coaching interns to go through the 12 Labours (then CrossFit Syndicate) coaches development program, Megan Humphrey shares her journey from member to coach and what the next chapter of her life entails. You'll still be seeing Megan in class, but it might be a little different than we're used to. Check out her story below: 

For the past 5+ years it has been my absolute honor and privilege to hold the title of "Coach" under the CrossFit Syndicate / 12 Labours CrossFit name.  And now, as of the beginning of September 2018, I'll be trading in my coach's title for an Unlimited Membership at our amazing gym.  I want everyone to know I have cherished every single minute of my coaching career with this community, and my decision feels bitter sweet!  My reasons are centered around taking more of an inward focus on my own family.  And I honestly look forward to shifting my focus within our community of athletes (BUT... I will still be watching your movement patterns during classes we take together ;)

I have some special mentions here to highlight four key individuals who made me want to become a coach in the first place:

  • First, Christa Giordano who led me through my initial 1-hour intro session at CrossFit BWI and then countless group WOD classes during my first year of CrossFit. She taught me, by example, how to embrace the suck and the importance of goal-setting.

  • Second, Jess Hofherr who I looked up to from the very first workout I saw her do, which I remember involved a lot of pull-ups! Jess was the first female coach at CrossFit Syndicate and had an integral role in forming the community we know today.

  • My ultimate thanks goes to Luke Espe and Brad Weiss for putting their trust in me shortly after they opened CrossFit Syndicate in the second half of 2012. I'm so grateful they gave me the chance and the resources to grow as a coach, which ended up being truly life-changing. There really aren't words to express how much it has meant to me.

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Finally, here are a few items I've been reflecting on lately, and thoughts I think you all can appreciate:

  1. How many times over the past 5 years have athletes listened to me shout, "3, 2, 1, GO!" and then, "3, 2, 1, TIME!"? I'm really gonna miss saying that!

  2. Remembering the dozens of 1-on-1 Introductory sessions I've done with potential new members. Some have joined and stayed; some have joined and left; some never joined but I know it wasn't because of my lack of personal enthusiasm for the cause.

  3. The times I've had a crappy day at work but then walked into our gym, gotten the whiteboard ready for class, and just like that my mood goes from zero to hero. Our gym is so special in that athletes are always vocalizing how appreciative you are of your coaches. But I don't know if you all realize how much positive impact you have on us coaches too. Please always remember how important you are, every time you write your name on that whiteboard.

  4. The title of "Coach" at 12 Labours CrossFit comes with great privilege and great responsibility. I've had the pleasure of working with some of THE BEST coaches around. Rest assured our athletes will always be in good hands with this phenomenal team.

  5. Last but not least, I still have a vivid memory of my first pull-up, before I became a coach! I went back and found the entry in my hand-written WOD log book (who remembers the pre-Wodify days?!)... Tuesday 6/12/12, 7:30pm class. Six months almost to the day of my very first class. 99% of my excitement about getting that pull-up was so I could show my coaches - Christa, Jess, Luke, Brad, and others - what they inspired me to achieve.

And I feel like #5 brings it full circle to what I'll miss the most about coaching, which is the joy I've gotten out of inspiring 12 Labours members to achieve great things.  High fives all around, and thank you all so much for the endless support and love.  See you all at the gym!

Thank you for your continued support and contributions to the 12 Labours community, Megan. There are no words that can describe what a crucial role you have played in the growth and development of the gym and the culture that surrounds it. We will miss your classes but are so excited to STILL be a part of your life and your fitness journey.  

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