Sweat for a cause: Murray Family Fundraiser


What happens when those who are most willing to help others need help themselves?

It is a question we are faced with a lot and in this circumstance the answer is simple: you lend a hand and try to make someones difficult situation a little more bearable. Our next fundraising event is not for a nationwide initiative, but it is for someone who has given so much of her time, energy and expertise to the CrossFit community- and we want to help give back.

If you have been around the CrossFit competition circuit- whether it’s the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge, Regionals, or the CrossFit Games, you may have come into contact with Kim Murray. For many years, Kim has taken time out of her busy schedule to assemble and lead some of the best medical teams in the area for competitions.

Due to a series of challenging events, medical issues have left Kim unable to work and in a very trying time to support herself and her family. For someone as selfless as her, we couldn’t sit back and let this happen. So to honor Kim and the countless hours she has donated to us, we want to help her provide as much help as we can for her.

This Saturday, we will be accepting donations to help out the Murray Family. You can bring donations in to the gym or go through the GoFundMe page.


For further information or questions, please contact wilson@the12labours.com

EventRebecca Koch