The power of THIS affiliate


With time comes growth. With time comes change.

This may be true for fitness and for life. But there is one thing about the 12 Labours affiliate that remains the same: an unshakable community.  

Which is why when the competition that we host, The Mid-Atlantic CrossFit®️ Challenge became a sanctioned event, we embraced the change and are excited for what the 2019 competition holds. But we always know, that the core of this competition is the community behind it. And that starts with 12 Labours.

At its core, we believe that the MACC is a celebration of every affiliate in the U.S. and throughout the world. It is a time to get a pulse on the CrossFit community, meet new athletes, and enjoy a weekend of competition and camaraderie. Whether you look to compete or support the event, we are striving to have as many participants from 12 Labours as possible.

Registration for our Online Qualifiers and Volunteers are now live. Please consider joining us for parts of the event. We will be offering space for teams and individuals to complete the workouts and will do our best to accommodate our 12L family to their best event teams.  

This year we have an even bigger stage to showcase the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit community. We hope you can be a part of it with us.  

EventRebecca Koch