The 2020 CrossFit Open



As most of you have noticed the programming has shifted towards a greater emphasis on conditioning and work capacity. We spent a few months working on strength and weightlifting. The goal now is to use the increased strength to boost our work capacity in CrossFit style workouts. In weekly programming there has been more long aerobic workouts and repeats of previous Open workouts. The aerobic workouts are designed to allow you as an athlete to build your aerobic base which is extremely important in Open style workouts. The repeat Open workouts are programmed to allow you to identify things you may need to work on as well as gain some insight on strategy. As we get closer to the Open there will be a deload week immediately prior to the first week. During the 5 weeks of the Open Fridays will start to be very low key in order to allow you to recover and prepare for the workouts on Saturday.

Register for the 2020 CrossFit Open

How to Play:

  1. Register: Go to to fill out your profile prior to October 12th.

  2. Work Out: Join the 12 Labours community on Saturday’s at 10:00am to perform the workout.

  3. Submit Score: Turn in your score via your CrossFit profile.

Districts and Dates

Once again we are excited to bring both Districts together to complete the Open workouts every Saturday at 10:00 AM. We will be alternating districts each week and highly encourage everyone to participate. Tentatively Week 1 will be in Columbia and will alternate each week. This is a great community event to bring together members of both districts.

The Open workouts will be held on Saturdays at 10:00 AM on the following dates below:

  • Saturday, October 12th

  • Saturday, October 19th

  • Saturday, October 26th

  • Saturday, November 2nd

  • Saturday, November 9th.

Affiliate Leaderboard

New this year will be the Affiliate Leaderboard. We are asking everyone to sign up under 12 Labours CrossFit and not under 12 Labours Annapolis in order to keep everyone on the same Leaderboard.

Importance of the Open

The Open has always provided an opportunity to test your fitness and bring the community together. You have the ability to challenge yourself with certain movements, loads or rep schemes. The competitive atmosphere helps to push you to an extra degree of intensity that is often difficult to achieve in class. You can even have a judge count your reps and evaluate the range of motion of your movements for a fair competition. The workouts also expose your weaknesses which is important in setting goals moving forward. Finally, completing the workouts allows you to have some input in programming moving forward throughout the year. I will often reference the Open workouts to see which areas need to be addressed as a group.

Luke Espe