The Syndicate Series Presents The Battlegrounds



Photo Credit: Maili Godwin

Photo Credit: Maili Godwin

Photo Credit: Maili Godwin

Photo Credit: Maili Godwin

CrossFit Syndicate opened up their doors on July 7, 2012,  now currently 12 Labours CrossFit in Columbia, MD. The co-founders cultivated their passion for fitness to the future trainers and members of adopting CrossFit to prepare for the unknown and unknowable for the past 7 years. The close knit camaraderie of the community, competitive spirit, and improved work capacity of our members can be attributed to their foundation. CrossFit’s prescription of “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements” has proven effective in helping our members become more independent in their everyday lives. It’s been a common mantra within our box to say, “You don’t have to be blood to be family,” and many CrossFitters around the world would probably agree with this statement at their box. The 12 Labours Team is excited to pay homage to our roots and start a new competition on August 17, 2019 with this mantra in mind. 



The Battlegrounds have been born as part of the Syndicate Series. As the 12 Labours Team celebrates 7 years of providing the CrossFit methodology to the Columbia area, they are excited to provide a local competition to take traditional training outside of their everyday affiliate. There will be no olympic lifts or high skill gymnastics movements, instead grunt work style workouts will take place. The majority of the workouts will be performed outside in the parking lot, where many initial training sessions were started years ago. The only prerequisite is hard work. The inaugural one day event will be a great place to grab your training partner and complete 3 workouts at the birthplace of CrossFit Syndicate. 

The registration deadline for The Battlegrounds is Friday, July 26th at 10:00pm.




As part of the Syndicate Series, there will be a future individual format competition held at 12 Labours CrossFit called The Vault. This individual only competition will include multiple divisions for any CrossFitter to compete. Whether you are just starting CrossFit at a local affiliate or a well seasoned competitor, the Syndicate Series will continue to bring the local community together for another local throw down. The two events in The Battlegrounds and The Vault will provide multiple formats and skill levels for those that have a competitive spirit to put their training to the test. More information coming soon.

For more information, please check our Instagram page @thesyndicateseries or email

Luke Espe