Programming October 29th - November 4th

Monday - October 29th

For time:

50 DB Snatch alternating s(50/35) f(35/20)

50 Lunge steps DB OH

1000m row

50 Lunge steps DB OH 

50 DB Hang power clean and Jerk

Tuesday - October 29th

Build to 3RM Hang Power Snatch in 15 minutes


14 min AMRAP

8 hang power snatch s(115/75) f(75/45)

8 burpees over bar

8/6 cal bike

Wednesday - October 29th

10 min AMRAP

3 ring muscleups f(5 pullups)

7 Thrusters s(135/95) f(95/65)

20 double unders f(10 double unders)

Rest 5 min

10 min AMRAP

6 chest to bar f(10 ring rows)

14 Thrusters s(95/65) f(65/45)

40 double unders f(20 double unders)

Thursday - November 1st


Row 500m

10 Elevated ring rows f(from floor)

15 pushups

Bike 20/15 cals

20 GHD situps f(anchored situps)

25 air squats

Friday - November 2nd 

8,6,4,2,4,6,8 - NFT

Strict Press s(135/95) f(95/65)

Front Rack Reverse Lunge s(135/95) f(95/65) x 2

Russian twist x 3 s(30/20) f(20/14)

** Lunges are times 2, so for example first round is 16 total aka 8 each leg**

** Russian twists are times 3, so each time they touch the ground its 1 rep**

Saturday - November 3rd

25 min Partner AMRAP:

70 double unders f(40)

60 Burpees over Bar

50 Toes to bar f(knee to waist)

40 Box Jump s(30/24) f(24/20)

30 Deadlift s(255/175) (165/115)

** 1 person working at a time**

Sunday - November 4th

Get outside and be rad



4-5 sets not for time

Barbell Z Press x 8 at 50-60% of strict press

Walking Staggered RDL x 16 steps

Star Plank or Side Plank x 30 seconds per side


2 rounds for time:

Ski 1500m

Bike 75/50 cals

Row 1500m


EMOM 20:

Even- Toes to bar/knees to elbow/knees to waist

Odd- Handstand walk/shoulder taps/shoulder shifts/wall runs

***Choose your skill that you can repeat, pick a number that is 50-60% of your max and do that On the Minute. This is to build VOLUME in the skill that you have over a 20 minute period. Should not be so hard that you get to the point of failing, should be repeatable and feel good with the movement over the entire 20 minutes. 

**Walking Staggered RDL-

**Star Plank-

**Barbell Z press-

Luke Espe