Programming November 5th - November 11th

Monday - November 5th

In 12 Minutes find a heavy 

7 Rep Bench Press



12 Minute Ladder

Double Unders s(50) f(25)

10 Pushups 

10 Anchored Abmat Situps 

***add 10 reps to pushups and situps every round***

Tuesday - November 6th

15 Minutes to find a heavy complex:

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean



For Time:

1000m Ski Erg

50 DB Squat Cleans s(50/35) f(35/20)

Wednesday - November 7th

“Send It”

30 Minute FLOW or AMRAP

Max AB Cals

Every 5 Minute Mark complete the following:

8 TGU s(1.5/1pd) f(1/.75pd)

Thursday - November 8th

“The Mines of Moria”

25 Minute AMRAP

20/15 Cal Row

1 Round of “Balrog”

20/15 Cal Row

2 Rounds of “Balrog”



7 Thrusters s(95/65) f(75/55)

7 Burpees over the Bar

7 Pullups s(C2B)

Friday - November 9th


5 Sets - 3 Minute AMRAP

150ft Walking Lunge Buy-In

5 D-Ball Over the Shoulder s(100/70) f(70/50)

1 Rope Climb s(legless)

***rest 3 minutes b/t sets***

Saturday - November 10th

“Dude. Where’s My Lungs”

20 Minute Partner AMRAP

Partner 1: Max Devil Presses s(50/35) f(35/20)

Partner 2: Run 400m

***switch when partner 2 gets in from the run. Score is Devil Presses*** 

Sunday - November 11th

Get outside and be rad



4 Sets NFT - Feel the PUMP

10 Strict Presses s(95/65) f(75/55)

10 Push Presses 

10 Strict Pullups ***weighted if you can***

20 ATYT (Fast)


7 Sets - 3 Min AMRAP

500m Row

Max Burpees over the Rower

*rest 2 Mins b/t rounds*

***Scoring is the following. Take whatever your 500m time was, lets say for example it took you 2:07 to do the 500m row. Then you take your burpees and subtract 1 second from your row time for each burpee completed. Let’s say you 15 burpees, your score for Round 1 would be 1:52. 

Score will be placed into Wodify on Saturday. Enter your scores. I have some prizes for the top male and top female winner for this week. 


20 Minute Running Clock - This is still for quality though


2 Toes to Rings

***add 2 reps to each exercise every round***

Luke Espe