Programming December 3rd - 9th

Monday - December 3rd

Back Squat

Work up to a heavy 10 Rep



15 Minute AMRAP

50ft DB Walking Lunge

5 Alternating DB Snatch s(50/35) f(35/20)

50ft DB Walking Lunge

5 Goblet Squats s(50/35) f(35/20)

***add 5 reps to the Db Snatch and Goblet squat each round***

Tuesday - December 4th


10 Sets - 90 Second AMRAP

Cal Row s(15/12) f(12/9)

Max Rounds of “Rufio”

***rest 90 Seconds b/t rounds***


6 T2B f(abmat situp)

12 Pushups 

Wednesday - December 5th

In 12 Minutes find a heavy:

Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk


“Uncle Phil”

3 Rounds for time 

21 Wall Balls s(30/20) f(20/14) 

15 C2B f(pull-ups)

9 Clean & Jerks s(135/95) f(95/65)

Thursday - December 6th

“John McClane”

30 Minute AMRAP

30/20 Cal AB

20 Burpees to Plate

30/20 Cal Row

20 DB Step Ups s(50/35) f(35/20)

***sport wear a vest***

Friday - December 7th

“Mitch Buchannon”

6 Rounds - 1 Minute Stations

Station 1: GHD Situps s(15) f(10)

Station 2: Double Unders s(50) f(25)

Station 3: Max Ski Erg Cals

Station 4: REST

***Score is Cals each round***

Saturday - December 8th

“The Princess Bride”

30 Minute AMRAP - Teams of 3

Station 1: 1 Round of Cindy

Station 2: Max Cal Row

Station 3: Rest

***Sport is a vest***

***Score is Rounds + Cals. So in Wodify for Rounds put how many Total rounds of Cindy were completed and in the Reps section put your Row Calories.***

Sunday - December 9th

Get outside and be rad!



4 Sets NFT 

Ring Dips x 8 (SLOW on the way down)

Banded Side Twist x 30 (15 each way)

Hip Extensions x 15


Death By Row Cals  x 2

Minute 1: 2 Cals

Minute 2: 4 Cals

Minute 3: 6 Cals

Etc adding 2 cals to your total every minute

Once you reach a minute that you cannot get the required calories done, you will rest a minute and start over back at 2 Calories. Continue until you fail the 2nd time. 

***Score is last set you COMPLETED on the first round, and last set you completed on the second round.***


5 Rounds NFT

10 Toes to RINGS

20 Bottoms Up Presses (10 per arm)

45 Second HS Hold 

***For the Handstand holds, break it up if you have to, but accumulate 45 seconds. If you need to do a wall run cause you aren’t comfortable kicking up to wall do that. If you want to scale it up then kick up to the wall and do shoulder taps during your 45 second hold. Keep the midline TIGHT!***


Banded Side Twist: 

Bottoms Up Press: 

Luke Espe