Programming February 26th - March 4th

Monday - February 26th

E90S for 10 Sets

2 Back Squats 

***building to heavy for day, but not Max….should feel good***


“Don’t Put it Down”

10 Minute Partner AMRAP

Athlete 1:

15 Wall Balls s(30/20) f(20/14)

Athlete 2:

Max Cal Row

***Once athlete 1 finishes 15 Wall Balls, the pair switches. Score is Cals + Reps. This is FAST and AGGRESSIVE. Get some!***


Tuesday - February 27th

“John Denver”

5 Sets For Time

400m Run 

12 HSPU s(strict)

1 Rope Climb s(legless)

***rest exactly 2 minutes b/t sets***


Wednesday - February 28th

In 12 Minutes find a heavy:

5 Rep Deadlift


“This is Sparta”

10 Minute AMRAP

50/35 Cal AB

25 T2B f(knee raises)

10 Power Cleans s(155/105) f(115/75)


Thursday - March 1st

“Sub Zero”

8 Sets for Time:

5 Burpees over the Bar

7 Push Jerks s(115/75) f(95/65)

10/8 Cal Row

***rest EXACTLY 1 min b/t sets***


Friday - March 2nd

"To Flow or Not to Flow"

20 Minute AMRAP or FLOW

20/15 Cal AB

5/3 Muscle Ups f(7/5 C2B Pullups)

Double Unders s(40) f(20)

5 Wall Runs


Saturday - March 3rd

Open WOD 18.2 @ Columbia District


Tenative. This always depends on the workout, so keep up to date on Thursday night and Friday morning to get confirmation of what location we will be throwing down at!


Sunday - March 4th

Get Outside and be Rad.