Programming March 19th - 25th

Monday - March 19th

“Ready Player One”

20 Minute Ladder

15/12 Cal AB or 20/15 Cal Row

15 Wall Balls s(30/20) f(20/14)

3 Pull-ups s(C2B)

***add 3 pull-ups each round***

***Rx++ you can do ring muscle ups, starting at 1 rep and going up by 1 rep each round***


Tuesday - March 20th

“Test Time”

2k Row Test

3 Sets NFT

20 ATYT (Light Band)

20 V-Ups

20 Single Leg Hip Bridge (20 each side)


Wednesday - March 21st

On a 12 Minute Clock find a heavy:

Hang Squat Clean


“Don’t Stop Get It Get It”

For Time:


Hang Squat Cleans s(135/95) f(95/65)

Bar Facing Burpees


Thursday - March 22nd

“Johnny Bravo”

18 Minute FLOW

9 Bench Presses s(135/95) f(115/75)

12 GHD Situps f(8 GHD Situps)

15/12 Cal AB


Friday - March 23rd



Saturday - March 24th

Open WOD 18.4 @ BWI District


Tenative. This always depends on the workout, so keep up to date on Thursday night and Friday morning to get confirmation of what location we will be throwing down at!


Sunday - March 25th

Get Outside and be Rad.