Programming April 9th - 15th

Monday - April 9th


20 Minute AMRAP

3 Hang Squat Cleans Rx+(135/95) Rx(95/65)

10 Burpees over the Bar

20/15 Cal Row

***add 3 squat cleans every round***


Tuesday - April 10th

Strict Press 

Work up to a heavy set of 8; -10%, -20%


“Proxies at the Temple”

For Time:


S2OH s(95/65) f(75/55)

T2B f(abmat situps x 2)


Wednesday - April 11th

“Internal Voice…Don’t Sprint the Bike”

4 Sets - 4 Minute AMRAP

Cal AB (Buy-In) s(20/15) f(15/12) 

8 Pull-ups s(C2B)

12 Wall Balls s(30/20) f(20/14)

***rest 4 minutes b/t sets***


Thursday - April 12th


Work up to a heavy 5 Rep



10 Minute AMRAP

5 KB Swings s(2/1.5pd) f(1.5/1pd)

15 V-Ups f(10)

Double Unders s(35) f(15)

***add 5 KB Swings every round***


****MAAC Competitors*****

Do NOT work up to a heavy deadlift 2 days before competition. Either take today completely off, or come in and do the following to just get some blood flow and then spend some time stretching, focus on hip flexors and overhead mobility.

20 Minute FLOW

500m Row

10 Burpees 

15 Air Squats


Friday - April 13th


For Time:

Run 800m

40 Thrusters (45/35)

Run 8000m

40 Thrusters (45/35)

Run 800m


Saturday - April 14th


Sunday - April 15th

Get Outside and be Rad.

Luke Espe