Programming June 18th - June 24th

Monday - June 18th

In 15 Minutes work to a heavy 

10 Rep Reverse Lunge (10 total so 5 per leg)


“The Quick and the Dead”

For Time:

50/35 Cal Row

30 Front Squats s(135/95) f(115/75)

50/35 Cal Row


Tuesday - June 19th

“Dude. Where’s my Core?”

20 Minute AMRAP

(Buy-In) 50 GHD Situps f(anchored abmat situps)

6 T2B f(knee raises)

4 Burpees to Plate

3 D-Ball Over the Shoulder s(100/70) f(70/50)



Wednesday - June 20th

10 Minute Snatch Warmup

E90S for 7 Sets

Above the Knee Power Snatch x 2 Reps

***can build slightly but ZERO misses***


10 Minute AMRAP

16 Alternating DB Snatches (50/35)

35 Double Unders


Thursday - June 21st

“Doing the Bull Dance, Feeling the Flow”

30 Minute FLOW

7 Bench Presses s(165/115) f(135/95)

7 Strict Pull-ups 

20/15 AB/Row/Ski


Friday - June 22nd


20 Minute AMRAP

Max Hang Squat Cleans s(155/105) f(115/75)

400m Run every time you drop


Saturday - June 23rd


20 Minute Partner AMRAP

5 HSPU f(pushups)

3 Burpees over the Bar

1 Deadlift s(315/205) f(205/145)

Partner 2: Max AB Cals

***Switch every round. Score is Cals + Reps***


Sunday - June 24th

Get Outside and be Rad.