Programming July 16th - 22nd

Monday - July 16th

Snatch Warmup

In 12 Minutes work to a heavy:

5 Rep Hang Squat Snatch


“Buddy Lee”

12 Minute AMRAP

50ft OH Walking Lunge (45/25)

20 Alternating DB Snatch s(50/35) f(35/20)

Double Unders s(50) f(25)


Tuesday - July 17th

“Boys in the Boat”

20 Minute EMOM

1 - 20 Anchored Abmat Situps s(15 GHD Situps)

2 - Row Cals s(20/15) f(15/12)

3 - Max Burpee Pullups s(Burpee BMU)

4 - REST


Wednesday - July 18th

“Uncle Rico”

4 Sets - 4 Minute AMRAP

2 Rounds

7 D-Ball Over the Shoulder s(100/70) f(70/50)

7 Back Squats s(155/105) f(115/75)  

Max AB Cals in time remaining…

***rest 4 minutes b/t rounds***


Thursday - July 19th

“Milk Was a Bad Choice”

20 Minute AMRAP or FLOW

200m Run

25m Prowler Push

200m Run

Wall Runs s(10) f(5)


Friday - July 20th

“Nasty Girls Partnered Up”

20 Minute Partner AMRAP

50 Wall Balls  s(30/20) f(20/14)

10 Muscle Ups f(15 C2B)

20 Hang Power Cleans (135/95) f(115/75)


Saturday - July 21st

“Let’s Get Weird”

For Time:

20 - 1 


***400m Run before each set***

***ends with 1 Burpee***

***60 minute time cap***

*Taken from CrossFit Linchpin to get weird*


Sunday - July 22nd

Get Outside and be Rad.