Programming August 12th - August 19th

Monday - August 13th

E90S for 7 Sets:

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk 



“No Chill”

8 Minute AMRAP

Double Unders s(50) f(25)

2 Hang Squat Cleans s(135/95) f(95/65)

***add 2 squat cleans every round***


Tuesday - August 14th

Bench Press




12 Minute AMRAP

20/15 Cal Row

15 Pushups s(ring pushups)


Wednesday - August 15th

“Here Comes the Hotstepper”

4 Sets - Each for Time

30m Prowler Push (90/50)

400m Run

30 Air Squats

***rest at least 3 minutes b/t sets***

***Sport. Vest.***


Thursday - August 16th

“Neverending Story”

20 Sets for Time:

4 T2B f(anchored abmat situps)

3 Burpees over the Bar

2 Power Snatches s(135/95) f(95/65)


Friday - August 17th

“Burn the Bridges”

For Time:

5k Row


Full CrossOver Symmetry Cool Down


Saturday - August 18th

“Eastbound and Down”

20 Minute AMRAP - Teams of 2

40/30 Cal AB

30 Wall Balls s(30/20) f(20/14)

15 D-Ball over the Shoulder s(100/70) f(70/50)


Sunday - August 19th

Get Outside and be Rad.