Programming January 28- February 3


5 sets each for time
Double unders s(55) f(25)
10 Hang Power Clean s(135/95) f(95/65)
10 Front squats
10 Shoulder to Overhead 
Rest 2 min between sets


Overhead Squat
Build to a set of 1

3 rounds for time
21 Toes to bar f(knee raises)
15 Overhead squats s(115/75) f(75/55)
9 burpee over bar


2 min AMRAP
4 Turkish get up s(1.5/1) f(1/.75
15 anchored situps
Rest 1 min
2 min AMRAP
10 ring rows s(elevated) f(floor)
10 box step overs s(50/35) f(35/20)
Rest 1 min
x 5 sets

*score is total reps*


EMOM 10 
Odd-  2 reps hang power clean every 30 seconds
Even- Rest

2 min AMRAP
Max cal bike
Rest 1 min
6 min AMRAP
10  DB Hang Power clean and Jerk s(50/35) f(35/20)
10 burpees over DB
Rest 1 min
2 min AMRAP
Max cal bike

*score is all cals + all reps*


For time:
1200m row
Air Squat s(150) f(100)
Pushups s(100) f(65)
Pullups s(50) f(25)
1200m row

*Air squats/pushups/pullups can be partitioned*
** sport is with vest**


28 min AMRAP Team of 3

Partner 1- Max cals row or bike

Partner 2-
12 wallballs s(30/20) f(20/14)
6 Handstand Pushups f(pushup)
3 DBall over Shoulder s(150/100) f(100/70)

Partner 3- Rest

** partners rotate after each round**


Get outside and be rad!



4-5 sets
10 Rower Hamstring Curls
10/arm SA Quadruped Row
10 Seated Arnold Press


4-5 sets
30 second handstand hold (freestanding or against wall)
10-12 Strict Toes to Rings 
10-12 Ring Rollouts


For time:
100 cal ski
100 cal bike
100 cal row

*partition as needed*

Rower Hamstring Curls-
SA Quadruped Row-
Seated Arnold Press-
Ring Rollouts-

Luke Espe