Luke Espe

Owner/General Manager

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Luke's Bio

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I was a collegiate football player and three-sport athlete in high school. My entire life was about team sports; CrossFit filled that void when I graduated college. The competitive atmosphere and the supportive community were something I really missed, but found my home again at CrossFit. I found my place to train, and in the process found my tribe of people. A few years after I started CrossFit Syndicate with Brad and Ryan, and shortly after that the 12 Labours Brand was born. I focused a huge piece of my life to competition, and was lucky enough to experience the competitive fitness world on some of the biggest stages. Multiple CrossFit Games trips with the best human beings on the planet as teammates, and being an athlete in the NPGL as well as a coach. The real fire for me is being on the floor, helping athletes find their own potential tucked away. Each person is different, and finding what makes them tick to help them grow not only as athletes, but as people is what keeps me going. I absolutely love my job, I thrive on the challenge, and grow by surrounding myself with the best staff in the game.

I found my real purpose in creating, whether that is working on the MAAC, creating an atmosphere for our athletes to grow, or something as simple as a new T-Shirt for the gym. Working with the 12 Labours brand has been the most exciting roller coaster life could possibly throw me, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Let's just say it keeps my ADHD in check, constantly challenging me to look and reach for more. 

Since 2008, I have been hitting CrossFit workouts off, have been to plenty of gyms around the world, and can say without a doubt that this community is one of a kind. I know I am a bit biased, but there is something special about this place, it has all the intangibles, it just has it. Come in and experience it for yourself. 


My Everyday Carry


Find Luke At: Annapolis/Columbia




- Laptop. travels everywhere with me, living that email life.

- backpack. I admit it, I am a bit of a bag snob. patches from whatever I am feeling at the moment.

- old beat up shoes and trucker hat. When I find something that fits, I wear it into the ground. Both stink quite a bit.

- Hydroflask. Cause if you're thirsty its too late.

- Cold Brew. Let's just say I like to get extremely caffeinated. 

- Headphones. Gotta stay hands free on the road.

- Fruit Snacks. The preferred pre-workout snack of Elite Athletes everywhere haha.

- Shades. Oakley Frogskins. Classic.

- Goat tape and Victory Grips. Only equipment I use for any workout.