Wilson Pak

Brand Manager


Wilson's Bio

Wilson is a coach at the 12 Labours Columbia location. He was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland but has gone from a Syracuse Orageman to an Ohio Bobcat where he received his Masters in Recreation Management.

Wilson first began CrossFit in 2013 and has been an athlete ever since.His first love was basketball, so he is always down for a pick-up game. Catch Wilson managing the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge throughout the year as well. He also loves cold brews, craft beers, traveling, and outdoor activities.


My Everyday Carry


Find Wilson At: Columbia

Email: Wilson@the12labours.com



- Laptop. travels everywhere with me, living that email life.

- backpack. I admit it, I am a bit of a bag snob. patches from whatever I am feeling at the moment.

- old beat up shoes and trucker hat. When I find something that fits, I wear it into the ground. Both stink quite a bit.

- Hydroflask. Cause if you're thirsty its too late.

- Cold Brew. Let's just say I like to get extremely caffeinated. 

- Headphones. Gotta stay hands free on the road.

- Fruit Snacks. The preferred pre-workout snack of Elite Athletes everywhere haha.

- Shades. Oakley Frogskins. Classic.

- Goat tape and Victory Grips. Only equipment I use for any workout.