CrossFit Kids Program

Offered at Both Annapolis and Columbia Locations


12 Labour Little Lions classes promote fundamental functional movements, while incorporating coordination, mobility , and free play. Our coaches strive to build confidence, camaraderie, good sportsmanship, teamwork, along with a healthy dose of competition while instilling a sense of independence. First and foremost we want our Little Lions to build proper movement patterns, all while learning to enjoy fitness. 

Every class begins with a Warm Up, next is a review of the daily Skill, followed by the Workout Of the Day, and our athletes/Little Lions finish strong with a Game. Our Little Lions Crossfit Kids classes begin at 9:15 and last 35-45 minutes, with ages ranging from 5- 12.



Every warm up is tailored to the skill and Workout of the Day, to help build motor patterns while incorporating coordination and mobility.

Workout of the Day

Our workout of the day/WOD is different every week. We challenge our athletes with different gymnastic, strength, and body weight movements. Each WOD ranges from 6-12 minutes. Our WODs/workouts are programmed so that every child, regardless of skill level, can participate in the fun sweat session.


Skill movements are reviewed by coaches; providing instruction and demonstrating proper form while being a hands on sessions for the athletes to learn the skill. 


After all their hard work, our athletes/Little Lions get to play a Game! We understand the importance of free play and providing opportunities for our Little Lions to discover their social skills and collaborative play skills.

Hands in! 1.2.3. LITTLE LIONS!


Pricing Made Simple.

Our CrossFit Kids program runs on a punchcard membership. You simply buy a 10 class punchcard for $10/class, and use them at your own speed. Busy weekend with soccer games or prepping for the school play? No biggie, we got you covered...punchcards never expire. Having kids is hard, we want to make this piece of it simple.