12 Labours Success Stories



Athlete Spotlight - Fred M.

The magic in the walls of 12 Labours is the community and the people…It is a one of a kind place.

Fred started as a member and is now a coach at 12 Labours. He decided he needed to make a change in his life after looking back at pictures from a vacation where he weighed 227 lbs. He was tired of working out alone and wanted to surround himself with people who would support him along the way. Fred continues to positively impact the 12 Labours community through his story and coaching.



Athlete Spotlight - Jasmine J.

I just really like how challenging it is…Before I didn’t feel really confident and now I am confident.

Jasmine was introduced to CrossFit after her mother began with 12 Labours. It took a lot of convincing for Jasmine to step out of her comfort zone because she didn’t play sports growing up but finally started the Foundations program at 12 Labours. Jasmine at 12 years old and has since joined our adult classes for over a year now. Recently, Jasmine has competed in her first competition called the Resolution Games in the teenager division.



Athlete Spotlight - George B.

The coaches at 12 Labours CrossFit are something special…They care deeply about the athletes that are under their care.

George is 68 years old, a husband, and father of 3 children. He regularly attends the 9:30am class at the Columbia District and has been a member for over 3 years. CrossFit is everything George has wanted to find in a fitness routine. 

George enjoys taking his fitness outdoors by going on hikes and skiing with his sons.



Athlete Spotlight - Jonathan and Carrie F.

The coaches are amazing. They will help you in any kind of way you might need and all the workouts are scalable.

Carrie and Jonathan attend classes regularly together at the Annapolis District. CrossFit has been a big part of their life and more importantly their relationship. It has helped manage the daily stresses of work and their overall lifestyles.



Athlete Spotlight - Sarah S.

12 Labours is a place I can walk into and be me. CrossFit Kids has brought fitness to the entire family. It has given my son new energy, enthusiasm and endurance to branch out to other sports.

Sarah is an ER Doctor and a mother of 3. Sarah joined 12 Labours after her husband wanted something different after they both worked out in their home gym prior. They took a look at the Introductory Foundations program for new members and decided to start their journey. Their entire family regularly partakes in OCR races together.



Athlete Spotlight - Amy R.

I am in my safe and welcomed spot. Everybody is happy to see you…I love coming here so much that I almost always incorporate it into my days.

Amy was initially super nervous before starting CrossFit. After walking through the doors of 12 Labours she quickly realized everyone was super supportive and encouraging. CrossFit at 12 Labours has become part of her daily routine even if it’s a planned rest day.



Athlete Spotlight - Kathy O.

They treat you like an athlete and give everyone their individual attention.

What keeps Kathy coming back? Everyone cheers each other on and are happy for one another to finish the workout.

Kathy is a wife and mother of 2. Her husband Mark and son, Ethan joined CrossFit shortly afterwards. As a family, they attend the 7pm classes throughout the week on a regular basis.



Athlete Spotlight - Emily W.

I definitely vouch for CrossFit no matter your fitness level, no matter your stage in life, there is always something you can do here.

Emily is a physical therapist and she brings in functional movements into the treatment plans of her patients now. She joined after graduating college in 2014 and was immediately blown away by the coaching, staff and atmosphere at 12 Labours.

Athlete Spotlight - Hari N.

“I just figured this was going to be like everything else.”
— Hari N.

Hari joined 12 Labours CrossFit expecting to quit after a couple months. He knew he wanted to do something for his fitness, but would continually try something and eventually lose interest. After one year with 12 Labours CrossFit, Hari is down 15 pounds, lowered his cholesterol, and was told by his doctor that he is “In perfect health.” His training has also inspired family activities. His kids are active members of CrossFit kids and he now bonds with his son by participating in community 5k races.

Fitness is a process, and that process can be scary to start, and it can be intimidating, but it is also extremely rewarding. Whether it’s getting into the CrossFit groove, making new friends, or putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, the coaches, staff, and athletes at 12 Labours will support you every step of the way.




Athlete Spotlight - Irwyn I.

I can honestly say, I am in the best shape of my life.
— Irwyn I.

At age 23, Irwyn was 330 lbs. and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He knew he had to do something for his health, but the path was not entirely laid out. Irwyn found CrossFit in 2010 after trying multiple other fitness programs and diets but to little avail. Until then, he had relegated himself to strictly cardio style workouts, with little weight training elements. But since 2010, that hasn’t been the case. Irwyn participated in a nutrition challenge a few months into his CrossFit journey and 6-weeks in, he was able to stop taking diabetes medication. Since then, five years later, Irwyn hasn’t needed to take these medications. His fitness journey continues, and his initial fight for fitness is now a chase for more.

Irwyn is also involved with Faith’RX Baltimore, sharing his faith with others through CrossFit.




Athlete Spotlight - Matthew N.

Definitely sign up for the free intro class. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
— Mathew N.

I was very stagnant in my life with regards to exercise and was looking for some sort of motivation to get back in shape. I need something with variety to keep me interested, and Crossfit is the perfect thing!  12 Labours is such an awesome place to be. The sense of community, the coaching, the intensity are all something that I look forward to every day. I was always very skeptical about Crossfit because of hearing stories of injuries. But the willingness of the coaches to work with you to reduce any chance of that is wonderful.