Building Strength

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There were 267 PR’s from Tuesday, August 6th. All athletes were tested to complete 3 major lifts from the past two months of strength training.

The 12 Labours Community tackled a variation of the CrossFit Total and we are proud of all our athletes. This is a testament to the work you all have put in over the past 8 weeks.  As coaches we are proud of the hard work and consistency we have seen from all of you.  We are also thankful that you all have trusted us through this process!

“Girdle of Hippolyta”

CrossFit Total Remix

Max Weight for each lift

  • Bench Press

  • Back Squat

  • Deadlift

In total we accumulated:

  • 90 Back Squat PR’s

  • 112 Bench Press PR’s

  • 65 Deadlift PR’s

Moving forward we are going to be setting our sights on the 2019 Open which starts in about 60 days! Expect to see more conditioning and Open Style workouts in the coming weeks!

-The 12 Labours Team

Luke Espe