Tech. Talk: Snatch Progressions


For the next six weeks, you'll be seeing some various snatch work included in the 12 Labours weekly programming. To help you better understand this reasoning, and also the goals of this progression, we decided to include a little more information. Look for our Tech. Talk (aka technique talk) for further explanations of our overall methodologies at 12 Labours facilities. 

If you are someone who is constantly just worrying about weight, lifting heavier regardless of form- you might not like what's coming. Our focus with weightlifting technique (and all high-level CrossFit movements at that) is always: mastering the basics first.  The upcoming snatch progression work is not about necessarily lifting heavier in 6 weeks, but fixing technique for the long game, and hopefully being in better positions so we can continue to progress with the movement. 

What this looks like

Throughout this program, coaches will explain the daily/weekly focus. Whether you're power snatching or squat snatching, we will have tailored warm-ups to help reinforce proper positioning. This will not only help you see where you need work, but will help refine your current skill level. One focus will be the snatch balance. Within this movement there are a few technique indicators of skill and proficiency of movement:

  • lockout

  • footwork

  • speed under bar

If you look at the three elements of this movement, you can see that they carry over into your full snatch. Hence why breaking this down into simpler parts can be hugely effective! Some of you may have experience with snatch balances, and if you know you "hate" this movement- there might be a reason why. Paying attention to the coaches cues and truly taking time to figure out proper technique will pay dividends as we progress through this cycle.